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There are many reasons for wanting to fly into an event – speed, privacy and security being among them.
However, it is an unavoidable truth that aircraft emissions damage our planet.

Carbon offset
Carbon Balancing provides a mechanism to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through projects that restore and protect indigenous forests.
Helipad have partnered with C-Level to give you the opportunity to balance what you burn on your flight.
Your contribution will be based on your helicopter’s fuel burn rate and the distance you travel. For example, a light twin-engine helicopter travelling from the Battersea Heliport in London to the Cheltenham Racecourse – an 80 minute return trip (40 minute journey each way) – will burn about 420kg of fuel. The contribution will be around £15
The funds will then be used to balance your CO2 emissions, supporting some of the world’s best carbon offset projects. Each are independently verified and take carbon out of the earth’s atmosphere using the natural powers of forests and local communities. Not only will your flight be Carbon Balanced, C-Level will also enable you to go further in helping develop exciting new projects focussed on rewilding and reforestation in the UK, Europe and beyond.
For more information about carbon balanced and balance my flight go to www.clevel.co.uk.

Offsetting your flight
Ask your pilot or helicopter charter operator to include the carbon balanced package when booking your landing and we will add it to your landing fees.

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